Online learning has many advantages when compared to classroom learning. It enables the collection of data on a learner’s progress and performance in each subject. This in turn allows us to:
• Ensure each learner comprehends what he / she has been taught.
• Predict problems a learner may encounter.
• Identify when human intervention is necessary – online definitely “does not mean alone!”
• Gather and provide detailed reporting to a learner and to parents, so that they know on which areas to focus their attention.









South African CAPS (Curriculum Policy Assessment Statements). This is the curriculum set by the South African Government, for the purposes of earning a National Senior Certificate, what you may think of as a “Matric Certificate”.

• FET Phase: Grade 10-12


Frequently Asked Questions


What is IVY Academy? 

Ivy Academy is an online Distance Education Provider for learners who are studying towards the National Senior Certificate qualification (the NSC “Matric”), Cambridge Lower Secondary.


What is the curriculum that we are offering? 


Ivy Academy offers the choice of two distinct curricula:
• South African CAPS (Curriculum Policy Assessment Statements). This is the curriculum set by the South African Government, for the purposes of earning a National Senior Certificate, what you may think of as a “Matric Certificate”.
• Cambridge Lower Secondary.




What subjects are you offering in the CAPS curriculum?

FET PHASE: GRADES 10-12 Compulsory:

  • English HL
  • Life Orientation
  • Afrikaans EAT
  • isiZulu
  • Mathematics (or)
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Application Technology
  • Consumer Studies
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Science
  • Tourism


What extracurricular programs does Ivy Academy offer?

Understanding the need to broaden your horizon, Ivy Academy provides you with the advantage of gaining career skills through extracurricular programs. These include:

Music – Digital music production with Soul Candi Institute of Music

Media – Radio Club AND Journalism Club with Boston Media House

Sports – Football, Rugby, Table Tennis AND Chess

Skills of the future – Coding / App development AND Power computer user

Personal Development – Study Skills


Does IVY Academy provide a physical location for students? 

IVY Academy offers students the opportunity to utilize its Computer Centres in Norwood, Bedfordview and Pretoria.


How does IVY Academy provide its students with a framework in which to study?

Ivy Academy assists learners on their journey by providing online classes, continuous informal assessments to keep track of their progress and support in the form of qualified teachers to help with any difficulty that the learner may experience. In addition to this we have Computer Centres across the country for those learners that do not have the facilities at their disposal. Learners may come to these centres to take their online classes, complete their SBAs (Site Based Assessments), and take their formal exams (June, November and Preliminary). Ivy Academy registers learners with SACAI a provisionally accredited Assessment Body for the completion of the NSC qualification.



How does the formal assessments work?  

Currently tasks are emailed directly to the invigilator. The invigilator must be appointed by the student or parent, the student or parent will pay for the invigilator. The invigilator must be an approved invigilator with properly secured assessment premises. Example religious leader, teacher registered with SACE, school principal etc. At the beginning of each term, on the date specified on our year plan, these will be the dates the invigilator should be available. (We are updating the system and will let you know about any changes). Tests will take place during Term 1 and Term 3. Exams will take place during Term 2 and Term 4. A timetable is made available to the students and parents on our website and via email 1 month before the test series / exam starts. The learners must provide us with the detail of their invigilator. The exams are then made available on our website 1 day prior to it being written and the passwords to access the exams are emailed to the invigilator.



Are there any live lessons that we have to offer? 

IVY Academy will provide students with a timetable of live lessons to participate in at the beginning of each term. Live lessons take place weekly.


What are the requirement to progress to next grade? 

Ivy Academy will offer Grade 10 – 12 valid Progress Reports of the previous grade completed.


What does the student receive at the end of Grade 10 and the end of Grade 11? 

A progress report will be issued by Auxilio ( which is the operational system of Ivy academy ) on Ivy Academy Report Cards. At the end of Grade 12 the student will receive a National Senior Certificate or NSC qualification, also called a Matric Certificate


How does the Portfolio of assessments work? 

The learner receives all tasks for the term at a specific date as indicated on our year plan. This will include instructions that explain exactly what is expected from the learner.


What is required to be uploaded? 

Learners scan and upload the work as they complete it, and not later than the date specified on their General Information Sheets / year plan. Tests and Exams are uploaded by the Invigilator within an hour after the session is completed.


What percentage (of assessments and tests) counts towards final mark? 

The final mark is made up from the formal assessments sent by Auxilio. This includes tasks, tests and exams. Each subject has its own weighting.


How does the moderation work? 

After work is uploaded to the platform the Ivy Academy markers will be given access to the work to mark. Once they have completed marking the Auxilio internal moderators will moderate the work and Auxilio will compile a moderation file for SACAI for the external moderation by SACAI and Umalusi.



Ivy Online is a division of the Boston City Campus group which boasts a track record in online education for over thirty years. With a national footprint of forty-six campuses, we have immersed ourselves into the different segments of society in South Africa and learnt to understand that students are coming from different environments with their own direct and indirect variables impacting their learning journey. 

The IVY Online solution covers curricula for multiple countries within Africa at both primary and high school level. Through our experience we have learnt that a student’s learning journey is impacted by both the parent and teacher. Hence, IVY online provides an infrastructure for student, parent and teacher. 



Why IVY Online is unique:

  • The different subjects within the CAPS curriculum  
  • limited number of live lessons provided by experienced and accredited teachers.   
  • Interactive e-books with which candidates can make notes, highlight and flag important notes, this will all be stored in the student e-book.  
  • Assessments  
  • Diagnostics 
  • Reporting to parents  
  • Triggers  
  • Create a timetable  
  • Gamification to encourage participation  


Cambridge Lower Secondary


Cambridge Assessments 

Ivy Academy’s dedicated team of Academic experts designed a 2-year course that encompasses the lower secondary curriculum. content (we like to call it Junior High), prescribed by Cambridge. This course prepares students to excel in the Cambridge Lower Secondary diagnostic assessments that are scheduled twice a year (May/June and Oct/Nov). The Lower Secondary course is ideally suited to students aged 13-15, this is simply a guideline, there are no age restrictions on our course. The course takes two years to complete and is done at the same time as regular GDE or IEB schooling.




The International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE as it is known, is the backbone of a student’s High School qualification. The IGCSE is the most well-known international qualification that is the equivalent to our CAPS High School curriculum. The IVY Online solution is designed with IGCSE subjects that will help progress your child to not only enter into South African Universities but Universities all over the world.
The subjects which we are offering under IGCSE are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Economics



International A Levels is the final stone in a child’s matrix qualification. International A level subjects are the highest quality schooling in the world and will prepare your child for entry requirements into any University in the world. University requirements require a child to either have a minimum of 2 subjects at A level Plus 3 subjects at A level Plus 1 subject at IGCSE level. The IVY Online solution will help your child to navigate this advanced and final level of their basic education journey, so that they may obtain an internationally recognised Matrix equivalent.




The subjects which we are offering under International A level are:

  • English
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Biology


IVY Academy is a proud accredited Cambridge associate. There are 10,000 schools in over 160 countries using the Cambridge curriculum.   Our students can feel reassured they are receiving a top quality global standard of education.

IVY Academy offers students Lower Secondary, IGCSE and AS/A-levels as part of their Cambridge path.  The Cambridge Lower Secondary course is currently open for registration and combines math, English and science to prepare learners aged 11 to 14 years for the next step in their Cambridge path.  This course is designed to combine Grade 7-9 CAPS equivalent into a period of two years. 

Cambridge Lower Secondary is flexible, our programme adapts to our learners’ needs.  South Africa’ local context is weaved into our Lower Secondary curriculum to make the theory covered applicable to our learners’ knowledge base. 

Cambridge Lower Secondary Progression Tests help you to assess knowledge, skills and understanding. The internationally benchmarked Cambridge Checkpoint is taken after the two-year Lower Secondary course to monitor individual and group performance.  
Cambridge pathways to consider after completion of the Lower Secondary course includes the IGCSE level and AS/A levels.



 The AI model predicts students who are at risk of dropping out of a course. Reactive action will be taken. 






 The AI model identifies low participation in courses. As soon as this happens, the parent will receive a notification. 






The AI model predicts and identifies students who find it difficult to pass a quiz/test. As soon as this happens, the parent or student will receive a notification.






 The AI model predicts and identifies students who are at risk of not completing specific courses. Again, you will receive a notification when this happens.




 A report can be issued based on the user’s interaction within each course. Each user has access to a detailed view of his / her grades per activity within the specific course. 





 A report can be issued based on the user’s interaction within each course. Each user has access to a detailed view of his / her grades per activity within the specific course.  





  A report for each activity can also be viewed. The user can select which activity he/she needs reporting on. A detailed view of this activity report includes all the questions the user answered whether correct or incorrect. 





 A detailed report can also be obtained about the group’s interaction within the course. This can either be per activity or course. Each report can be exported to Microsoft Excel or as a CSV. file.


IVY ACADEMY partners with existing high schools allowing them to become fully-fledged online high schools.
Partnering schools will have the luxury of offering student a customised online school according to its specific brand and requirement.
This type of partnership allows the online school to be fully operational, without having to invest in resources, technology and content development through their online campus, their students will benefit from qualified and experienced teachers, quality videos, e-books (summarizing concepts), diagnostics, detailed reporting, adaptive learning and artificial intelligence engine.

Schools will have the option to partner on two different offerings:

a. CAPS Grade 10 – 12
b. IGCSE and A levels

In addition to the two different curriculums, the online school will offer student to experience a specialty of Music, Radio, Journalism and skills of the future.

For more information email . or WhatsApp 0115519019





Do you have any queries, or a question for the teachers? 

Please email us at: and we will get right back to you.