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Ivy Academy is an online Distance Education Provider for learners who are studying towards the National Senior Certificate ( the NSC “Matric” ), Cambridge Lower Secondary. Ivy Academy uses the experience of the teachers and the academic administration to provide top class educational experience for home-schoolers. Ivy Academy is an institution which is a leader in the provision of teaching and learning in the online educational environment. As such, Ivy Academy benefits from the many years of research, testing and perfecting the outcomes of online learning. Ivy Academy is an award-winning school, having consistently achieved 100% matric pass rate, and being ranked as the “Top School in the District”, based on matric results. The Institution’s online platform is a world-class system. This system has been developed using cutting-edge technology and Artificial Intelligence. Parents and learners can rest assured they will benefit from the best technology in the education industry


South African CAPS (Curriculum Policy Assessment Statements). This is the curriculum set by the South African Government, for the purposes of earning a National Senior Certificate, what you may think of as a “Matric Certificate”. We offer the FET Phase: Grades 10 - 12 and includes the following subjects: English HL, Life Orientation, Afrikaans EAT, isiZulu, Mathematics (or), Mathematical Literacy, Business Studies Computer Application Technology, Consumer Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Tourism.

Cambridge Lower Secondary

Ivy Academy’s dedicated team of Academic experts designed a 2-year course that encompasses the lower secondary curriculum. content (we like to call it Junior High), prescribed by Cambridge. This course prepares students to excel in the Cambridge Lower Secondary diagnostic assessments that are scheduled twice a year (May/June and Oct/Nov). The Lower Secondary course is ideally suited to students aged 13-15, this is simply a guideline, there are no age restrictions on our course. The course takes two years to complete and is done at the same time as regular GDE or IEB schooling.


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE as it is known, is the backbone of a student’s High School qualification. The IGCSE is the most well-known international qualification that is the equivalent to our CAPS High School curriculum. The IVY Online solution is designed with IGCSE subjects that will help progress your child to not only enter into South African Universities but Universities all over the world.

A Levels

International A Levels is the final stone in a child’s matrix qualification. International A level subjects are the highest quality schooling in the world and will prepare your child for entry requirements into any University in the world. University requirements require a child to either have a minimum of 2 subjects at A level Plus 3 subjects at A level Plus 1 subject at IGCSE level. The IVY Online solution will help your child to navigate this advanced and final level of their basic education journey, so that they may obtain an internationally recognised Matrix equivalent.

Committed To Educating And Nurturing All Students So They May Grow Towards Responsible Global Citizenship.




We believe education should be easily accessible and understandable to all, and we have implemented various AI and Machine learning engines to help students achieve their goals.


Our technology-driven approach ensures detailed and up-to-the-minute reporting. Notifications are sent to parents or guardians outlining the students’ performance based on participation and assessments


All subjects are presented in a fun and interactive way to ensure maximum learner engagement. Lectures and topics are presented in multimedia formats and assessed with quizzes as well as game-based learning.