About Ivy Academy

Ivy Academy


Online learning has many advantages when compared to classroom learning.
It enables the collection of data on a learner’s progress and performance in each subject. This in turn allows us to:
• Ensure each learner comprehends what he / she has been taught.
• Predict problems a learner may encounter.
• Identify when human intervention is necessary – online definitely “does not mean alone!”
• Gather and provide detailed reporting to a learner and to parents, so that they know on which areas to focus their attention.


IVY Academy is a proud accredited Cambridge associate.
There are 10,000 schools in over 160 countries using the Cambridge curriculum.  
Our students can feel reassured they are receiving a top quality global standard of education.

IVY Academy offers students Lower Secondary, IGCSE and AS/A-levels as part of their Cambridge path. 
The Cambridge Lower Secondary course is currently open for registration and combines math, English and science to prepare learners aged 11 to 14 years for the next step in their Cambridge path. 
This course is designed to combine Grade 7-9 CAPS equivalent into a period of two years. 


Ivy Online is a division of the Boston City Campus group which boasts a track record in online education for over thirty years. With a national footprint of forty-six campuses, we have immersed ourselves into the different segments of society in South Africa and learnt to understand that students are coming from different environments with their own direct and indirect variables impacting their learning journey. 

The IVY Online solution covers curricula for multiple countries within Africa at both primary and high school level. Through our experience we have learnt that a student’s learning journey is impacted by both the parent and teacher. Hence, IVY online provides an infrastructure for student, parent and teacher.